Shannon Martin

Greetings!  Welcome to my Wisdom Wanderings!  Here is where I will continue on my faith journey by writing about the different things I am currently learning about.  Tributes to the poetry of a dear man  whose journey is done will also make their way on here from time to time.  Basically, anything that crosses my mind will have the potential of appearing here.

I am a married, working mother of one incredibly creative fourteen-year old boy.  My husband and I are active members at Midway Mennonite Church where I currently serve on the Leadership Team and as a Worship Leader.

In June of 2016 I completed an intentional discipleship program and graduated as part of the C.S. Lewis Institute of North East Ohio’s Fellows Year One class of 2015-16.

This season of learning  and growing continues!  Tearing down old foundations and rebuilding them with sturdier foundations to support me in this incredible spiritual journey I am walking.

All of the thoughts on this page will be my own, unless otherwise noted.  I welcome your comments!  Should you have a difference in opinion, I would also welcome your thoughts, but please remember to disagree with me in love.  We are all human beings living in a broken world trying our best to make it through.  We need to support and mentor each other.

Join me as I continue to search for grace, love, truth, and understanding on this journey called life.




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